Mallorcan pool travertine

For the landscaping of a hotel on Mallorca, out went the current British outdoor hardscape staples of York stone and concrete, and in came Travertine. 

A material favoured by architects for offering that modern sleek look, Mies van der Rohe used it throughout his long and successful career from his 1930s German Pavilion in Barcelona to his numerous 1950s and 60s office skyscrapers in the States. 

Travertine’s use in the landscape succeeds and is justified under the golden glow of the Mediterranean sun. Quickly gaining patina and age, feet love it. It needs regular cleaning and in swimming pool areas with clean feet it is safe. 

The trick is to use travertine in large outdoor open spaces, it needs to be left blank, open, whole. Teamed with sand coloured mosaic tiles the swimming pool at the Mallorcan hotel is allowed to truly reflect the nuanced colours of the sky through the passing day, sympathetically framed by the warmth of this rich Mediterranean stone.